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cake tastings

Held by appointment.

Available Mon-Weds  12 to 7 pm.

(If you are out of state, we will work it out)

Please text 423 957-6890.

Tastings generally last an hour.

This involves all aspects of the cake, design, pricing, and final arrangements. 

You may bring one other person with you.

Left over cake will be boxed to take.

There is a small fee for the tasting. 

Please bring any pics, swatches, etc. 

Also contact info for your reception venue coordinator.

There is a down payment required to retain my services and hold your date. 


For wedding cakes three tiers and above, or cupcake set up only. Tiered cakes are transported in sections and assembled at your reception venue.

There is a small fee for any delivery out of my range. I am happy to drive to NC and Virginia.


Choosing a cake design:

  • Number of servings

  • Sizing 

    (Circumference, number of tiers)

  • Shape

  • surface

    (buttercreme, fondant, naked )

  • Embellishments

   (flowers, ribbons, toppers)

  • Color Scheme

  • Stands or Risers

  • Flavors

Standard wedding slice 1 1/4" by 2" by 4"
  Standard Portion: 1 1/4"x 2"x 4"

Vegan and Gluten Free options are available.

I do not use peanuts or peanut oil in my shop

I do use Almond oil and Pecan flavoring.

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